Could Marijuana Chemical Help Ease Epilepsy?

About two out of every five patients with severe treatment-resistant epilepsy experienced a 50 % decrease in the frequency of their major seizures, he said. ‘A small number of these children and young adults with epilepsy who have never had prolonged intervals of seizure freedom did in fact become seizure-free, at least in the short-term of the scholarly study,’ Friedman said. Based on these results, at least three companies are developing cannabidiol-based medicines, and trials are either or established to start out soon underway, he said. But the results could be marred by the fact that this was an open-label trial, in which both researchers and the patients knew what drug was being administered, Friedman added.Those tests did not expose any degradation of the flavor, quality or vitamins and minerals of treated almonds. Pasteurized almonds remain nutrient dense, a good source of protein and fiber, an excellent source of vitamin magnesium and E, and help maintain a wholesome cholesterol level still. We understand there have been questions if the industry pasteurization plan has consumer labeling implications. These brand-new industry regulations do not pertain to consumer labeling. Manufacturers and merchants will continue steadily to determine how to label their products in line with FDA rules. We hope you will continue to enjoy almonds knowing that they will be the same wholesome food that you have appreciated for such a long time.