Here are some simple cosmetics including its application to provide you with an idea.

You can find two forms obtainable which are liquid and cream. Be certain to choose the best shade to fits your skin tone. 2. Concealer: will be utilized to blend into your skin to disguise skin imperfection such as under eyesight dark circles or wrinkle. 3. Powder: tone down your skin layer with face powder, also help the makeup longer live. 4. Blush: to highlight your cheek and lightens up that person. 5. Bronzer: easy and simple and fastest method to make a suntan skin without exposure to the sun. 6. Nail color: generate unique beauty by adding colors and shine to the nails of your hand and feet.Chemical weapons stockpile at the Blue Grass Chemical substance Activity near Richmond, Ky. A separate Department of Defense organization, the U.S. Army Element Assembled Chemical substance Weapons Alternatives, is charged with its destruction, with construction under way on a neutralization facility there currently. Destruction of chemical substance weapons is full at Newport, Ind., Aberdeen, Md., and Johnston Island. Operations continue at Tooele, Umatilla, Anniston, and Pine Bluff, CMA’s remaining destruction sites. These sites are destroying or preparing to damage blister agent and the just staying nerve agent for CMA’s destruction mission–GA at Tooele. In addition to Kentucky, CMA proceeds to safely store chemical substance agent munitions at Pueblo, Colorado.