Until we eliminate these beliefs and start living in truth.

PTSD is a disease. Disease is thought as ‘a disorder of structure or function in a human being, animal, or plant, specifically one which produces specific signs or symptoms or that impacts a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.’ If PTSD were a disease, it would have specific symptoms […]

And their effect on product quality has been assessed.

A new generation of cereal based products for patients with celiac disease An array of gluten totally free cereals have been studied in fine detail as part of the HEALTHGRAIN task of the European Union, and their effect on product quality has been assessed. Enzyme technology, bioprocessing in addition to high-pressure processing technology have been […]

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AccentHealth purchases waiting room television network Everwell AccentHealth.

‘By expanding our national footprint we are able to become a far more integral component of their media plans.’ MediVista Media will continue to operate its existing Everwell articles business making and distributing wellness video programming across multiple platforms.. AccentHealth purchases waiting room television network Everwell AccentHealth, the nation's largest media network at the Point-of-Care, […]


Nearly 60 % of most practicing pharmacists are ladies, according to the 2014 National Pharmacist Workforce Study, yet women do not reach senior leadership positions compared to the job’s demographics. Gender shifts and generational changes have got the potential to positively effect the profession, stated Sara J. Light, M.S., FASHP, a former president of ASHP […]

In addition to an internal combustion engine read all.

The highest efficiency would be realized by combining HCCI technologies in hybrid vehicles that use an electric motor, in addition to an internal combustion engine. It is important for research on several fronts, including working to avoid problems with fuel cell and hybrid systems and understanding such as the advanced combustion engines continue to integrate […]

10 things Id rather do than get a Swine Flu vaccine shot I admit.

#7) Have all the superfoods in my own pantry secretly changed with MSG-laced processed foods created by Frito-Lay. #8) Work as a biological hazards disposal volunteer in the ‘superbug ward’ of an area hospital. #9) Drink diet soda until my human brain explodes from the aspartame direct exposure. #10) Get a public relations job at […]

Prostate cancers testing isnt a clear cut issue.

Prostate cancer testing is an individual decision that sufferers should make as well as their doctor, and because every case is different, there is absolutely no single regular for treatment that applies to all men, nor should there be at the moment. Not absolutely all prostate cancers need instant treatment. But doctors and their sufferers […]

1 In 50 Infants Victims Of Abuse Or Neglect About 1 in 50 infants in the U.

Most of these cases involved neglect, and could partly reflect families without health insurance that aren’t getting adequate look after their kids, said David Finkelhor, who is familiar with the data but was not mixed up in scholarly study. Finkelhor directs the Crimes against Kids Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. ‘It isn’t […]

A ongoing business with over 25 years experience and success with direct phone outreach.

AbleNet announces acquisition of TeleConcepts Today the acquisition of TeleConcepts AbleNet announced, a ongoing business with over 25 years experience and success with direct phone outreach. Their primary customer foundation includes professionals who serve the hard of hearing market. AbleNet sees this as a significant part of meeting the full needs of individuals with disabilities […]

Hagop Kantarjian.

Other end points were the rates of complete cytogenetic response and of major molecular response by 12 months, progression-free of charge survival, and general survival. Total RNA was extracted from peripheral-bloodstream samples collected in PAXgene reagent 25 at baseline and every 3 months. RNA was analyzed through a quantitative RT-PCR assay to quantitate BCR-ABL and […]

In a review of the issue released in Developmental Dynamics.

A major concern for cell transplant therapies may be the way to obtain the cells to be used. Three resources of cells can be tapped for transplant: differentiated tissues, adult stem cells and derivatives of embryonic stem cells . Adult stem cells regenerate epithelia, brain tissue, muscle, blood and bone. They have been found in […]

Their research.

Their research, conducted on walkers taking part in the International Four Times Marches in Nijmegen, holland, shows that there are distinctions between healthful walkers and those suffering from diabetes. 'Whenever we exercise, our body first uses sugar from food as source of energy', explains Simona Cristescu, physicist at Radboud University Nijmegen and innovator of the […]